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We are a new sun
Why doubt it
Since we need all the votes
To create constellations where life on earth
Is now possible for all
There are several voices,
Several ways
There are several energies
Several species
Many smiles
Several deaths,
but only one sun

We are a new Sun
When we chant Tshanga Tshanga
We are heading towards Manono

Who knows ?

As it braces for the exploitation of the worlds’ largest
Reserves of lithium
Who knows ?
The main raw material needed for the global production of
electric batteries to store the great new 'Green Energy'
The merging of the past, the present and the future are
She shines like a new comet to be observed with a
magnifying glass...
This global eclipse
Have you seen her?
This phenomenon is at our feet, at our doorstep..

Manono opens our eyes to our daily energy use
This new digital link becomes family, friend, intimacy,
Brother, sister, children, intruder, unknown, media, others,
True, false, spectrum Ha!

What do we put in this energy that becomes vital and kills
On the other side of the screen, lives
Ha! Spectra, also like the Lithium character in Phase Shift,
Angel Dust this cosmic and utopian cloud of the creation of
the world

Who knows ?

The volatile and unstable element that has become a
Symbol for the energetic transition,
After the age of steam,
The postnuclear
Leading us to a new age
Who is she?
A new gender ?

Manono to the conquest in Australia, North America,
The predator in Schenzen
The Siroco wind
Not alone at all but spread as a wave everywhere
as an ecological utopia

As a giant and sculptural in the Concentrator in Venice
Magisterial and Painted Mural, drawn
Danced, sublimated form
In the diffracted body
With Discharged and Charged
Like a trance that embraces other bodies in the journey
of forced amnesia for inventing our future and our present

Let's talk about it here
You are invited to the banquet table
Did you know that ?

Visuality precedes profit.

All is there in "When The Dust Unsettles"
Toxic air, polluted ecosystems, exploited bodies,
Endangered species, failing respiratory systems,
Traumatised landscapes and communities, capital-oxygen
mixed marriage
How can we breath as a society that is suffocated by
extraction in the name of progress ?

As a murmur we say

We are a new sun
Because we don't want to wear anymore ceramic beads
made using natural uranium as a colouring agent

We no longer want to carry a chain of inequality and
human exploitation

We don't want the bodies to go hungry anymore, Hunger
says friendly to 'A Chain of Events'

Because Depth of Discharge reveals us spiritually what a
chain of energy we are

A desired gathering with all

In ubiquity,

In words nourished, written and articulated together

In reverence to the public

To share our sources

To align our dreams with those of the stars...

We dream of another sun, which is light years ahead of
colonialism, capitalism, consumerism and all the lists of

We are

We are on the move, a space of transformation

OTO Charging Myths

Pélagie Gbaguidi

June 2020